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Getting into Bhutan

Getting to Bhutan is easy and little tricky sometimes. It’s easy because we have flight connection from various cities in the Indian subcontinent and its little tricky because the number of flights are limited, the aircrafts are small and can ferry only little passengers at a time. Its important that you first check the flight schedule of the flights in Bhutan before buying your international airline ticket(s).

Flying to Bhutan

You can fly to Bhutan from India (Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bagdogra, Gaya), Kathmandu (Nepal), Bangkok (Thailand), Myanmar and Bangladesh. There are daily flights from Bangkok to Paro and vice versa while there are no daily flights from other cities. Please check with us for the flights from other cities or google druk air and Bhutan airlines to check their flight schedule. Two airlines Druk Air and Bhutan airlines operate in and out of Paro international airport everyday.

Driving overland to Bhutan

You can drive overland to Bhutan through the southern Bhutan border town of Phuntsholing via West Bengal (India) or through Samdrupjongkhar in east Bhutan via Assam (India).

Airports in Bhutan

Bhutan has one international airport in Paro and three domestic airports one each in Bumthang, Yonphula and Gelephu. Paro international airport is situated at an elevation of 2,200 meters and has a runway of little over 1.9 km. Paro International airport is situated in a deep valley thus making all landings spectacular with the wings of the plane almost kissing the mountains.


Bhutan doesn’t have any trains. The nearest train station is across the border in Hashimara in India. Hashimara is 18 km away from the Bhutan border town. Most Indians prefer to take a train ride to this train station and then drive to Bhutan. For Indians early morning arrival is preferred as they can cross the border and drive to the capital of Bhutan the same day. Getting to Bhutan during popular festivals will be difficult if you don’t plan your holiday in advance and if you don’t buy the airline tickets in advance.