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Booking Guide

A brief guide to booking your trip to Bhutan and obtaining a Tourist Visa
step 1:
Select the tour operator that will be arranging your tour to Bhutan.
Step 2:
Work out your itinerary with your selected tour operator. Based on the itinerary the tour operator will calculate the amount you must pay (tour payment) in advance.
Step 3:
Now you need to wire the tour amount calculated by a tour operator as well as USD 40 (one time visa fee) to the Bhutan National bank through one of their certified international partners with the Bhutanese tour operator specified as the ultimate beneficiary. Email the bank wire receipt copy to to the local Bhutanese tour operators
Step 4:
The tour operator will complete your visa application but you must send them a clear, scanned copy of passport. Visa will normally be processed within a maximum of one week’s time.
Step 5:
Your tour operator will email you a copy of the approval of your visa once your application has been approved.