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Wedding and Honeymoon

We make special arrangements for wedding and honeymoon in Bhutan. We plan your honeymoon or your wedding based on your proposal and your budget. We have arranged several honeymoon trips and five wedding ceremonies for our guests.
Our arrangements can be elaborate or simple. Based on your budget we can make arrangements in a luxury hotel or in a simple house in the village. The arrangements are done in a traditional Bhutanese style. We invite a Buddhist master to perform Buddhist rituals and do a cleansing ceremony.
Wedding and honeymoon in Bhutan
These Buddhist marriage ceremonies are not to convert anyone to a Buddhist but a ceremony held to pray for a happy married life filled with love and long prosperous life. As always these ceremonies are marked with reading of the Buddhist texts, making of ritual cakes and beating of drums and playing the Buddhist religious flute.
Few of our clients preferred their marriage ceremony in a village. Marriage ceremonies in the villages are very elaborate. The bride and groom come riding on a horse from different directions with relatives from each family following them. They are taken to the bride’s house where the couple is seated beside each other. The bride and groom drink the traditional drink “ara” from the same cup. The Buddhist master bless them and pray for them. The family members and the entire village give gifts to the couple. Huge feast is arranged for the entire village. Singing and dances continues till late night.
These ceremonies are quite costly but as mentioned above we will make arrangements based on your budget.
If you are looking at a simple ceremony we will invite few people as guests and few people to dance. The Buddhist marriage ritual remains the same. The spirit of the ceremony remains the same. Wedding and Honeymoon in Bhutan.

Bhutan is one great place for honeymoon. There can never be a perfect place to share your moment with your better half. The sightseeing tour can be enjoyed and at the same time you will have ample time to relax in your hotel. We have very flexible itinerary for honeymoon couple. Luxury five star hotels are available only in few towns in Bhutan so, as we go towards east of Bhutan the hotel quality decreases. East Bhutan is lesser developed than west Bhutan. Less development means lesser cars and lesser people so it’s perfect quite place to relax and enjoy authentic Bhutan.
In some places if you time your visit you will be lucky to witness some nice festival and enjoy a quite corner is some part of the country. Some season we have very few tourists and it won’t be a surprise if you are the only guests in the hotel. March to November is a good time for couples that like to take a short hike in the nearby woods or take a day hike to nearby areas.
Come and join us on your honeymoon trip. We can further discuss your time of visit and the activities you want to add on your program. You can write to us for information on wedding and honeymoon in Bhutan.