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Cultural Tour in Bhutan

Cultural tours offer a unique insight into the history, culture and tradition of Bhutan. It provides opportunity for the visitors to interact with the native people. The highlights of the cultural tour are Tsechus or annual festivals where Buddhist teachings are enacted or showcased through mask dances. Festivals are usually 3 to 4 days events with different variations being observed in every district and community in. All local people enjoy these festivities as it marks the end of harvest. In Bhutan tourism is highly regulated by the government. You must go through a licensed Bhutanese tour company to visit Bhutan. We specialize in cultural tours and trekking in Bhutan, a culturally and ecologically pristine hideaway amidst the beautiful eastern Himalayas.
Cultural Tour
All of our tour packages include accommodation, meals, overland transport within Bhutan, sightseeing and the local tour guide. Bhutan Travel Planner specializes in Cultural tours, Spiritual Buddhist tours, and Meditation tours, Adventure trekking, Bicycling tours and undertakes special interest tours such as Bird watching, Botany (Himalayan flora and fauna), Weaving, Arts and crafts, Rafting and Kayaking. We offer you best quality service with personalized attention matching international standards to make your trip to Bhutan that you will cherish all your life. Our tour program will take you through some of the most fabulous landscapes of spectacular mountain ranges to the lush green valleys.